Terms & conditions


We wholesale our jewellery - our usual clients are: shops, sets of shops, wholesalers.

The minimum wholesale order is 10 pcs. of each design, and 500 gr. of jewellery.

We offer permament reductions for our constant purchasers.

We do not send our catalogues - you can view our offer on our website.

Due to high number of orders the time of realisation of an order is now about 8 weeks.

When your order is completed, we will send you pro-forma invoice.

When the money are available at our account, we will send you your order.

The insurance and cargo costs are covered by purchaser.

The time of delivery may vary depending on the courier company (DHL, UPS) and should not take longer than 10 to 28 days.

Orders exceeding 10.000 € should be partly prepaid in advance.

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